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Graphic studio

Advertising Graphics. We do small and large graphic design for the web and traditional advertising materials such as flyers, banners, folders, business cards, etc.

Each graphic design is an effective marketing tool, therefore we are characterized by creative thinking and broad knowledge, which definitely facilitates daily work on projects for companies in many interesting industries.

Graphic design is the second most important element of our work, which we have been dealing with for over 15 years. All projects are developed in a professional manner and in accordance with printing standards.

A professional design studio with big ambitions.

Since the beginning of our activity we have been focusing on quality and relationship. We treat our clients as partners – cooperation usually starts with a meeting, so that during an in-depth conversation we can learn about business objectives and offer only the best solutions. We act strategically, trying to determine the best path for the development of your business, we avoid duplicating schemes and copying others. The list of companies that have trusted us is the best confirmation of our competence. We know how to act, we have experience in it and a rich portfolio – we will be very pleased if you want to meet us in person.

We consistently focus on the model of cooperation in which the client ultimately receives a project better than imagined. This is a good business attitude, because thanks to it we have been present on the market for a dozen or so years, we have been developing and working mainly on the basis of referrals from companies satisfied with our services.


.VentiSTUDIO - promotional gadgets

We produce advertising prints on various products of everyday use and on more sophisticated and original articles. You have the choice of classic promotional gadgets in many styles and colors, these are among others: pens, key rings, business card holders, baseball caps, mugs, umbrellas, lanyards, pendrives or promotional bags and more exclusive promotional items such as power banks, electronic products or functional elements of interior design.

The company gadżety we offer are always of high quality, that is why our products and services are highly trusted by our customers. Customers choose gadgets with printed design, because it allows them to present the logo of their company or give business partners promotional gifts.

.StudioPRINT - online printing

Today,modern online printing is not so much a luxury as it is an extremely convenient and time-saving solution that anyone can use.

We know perfectly well the needs of our Clients and we are eager to meet them. We can proudly admit that we are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding ones.


.CoderSOFT - advertising agency

Web design is like designing for success. You can’t be successful without creating the right image. Your website is the image of your company on the Internet.

Designing online stores is a particularly responsible job. Reliably functioning online stores are a guarantee of company’s profit. Applications/web portals. You have an idea for an application that will conquer the market? Let’s create it together to increase these chances even more!

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