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We have been on the market for fifteen years. During this time we have created dozens of mobile and web applications for large and small companies and individuals. We have completed all of them.

With us you pay for the actual work of specialists creating the application for you, and not for the board of directors, large office, employees not related to the creation of the application and other costs. Thanks to this we have prices several times lower than big companies.

We will approach your project individually. Starting from the first analysis of your needs and a quick estimate, through informing about the status of work on an ongoing basis, to a rapid response to your comments on the application.

Dedicated software development.

We develop software projects with non-standard functionalities tailored to the processes supported in enterprises. We carry out orders at the concept stage, as well as making products according to delivered specifications. We have implemented projects of internal sales applications, advanced search engines and forms, online shops or advertising portals for our clients.

We create dedicated software projects using modern technologies that ensure security and high scalability of the final products. We use good coding practices and action patterns developed on the basis of previous implementations.

Dedicated software is a software which is created especially for the needs of a given business taking into account the specificity of its industry and business requirements. Each company or institution is characterized by individual and different processes which require appropriate – smooth and quick – management.

We create dedicated software based on a thorough business and technical analysis, thanks to which our product is maximally optimized and allows for easier integration with IT systems already used by a given company. Additionally, they ensure complete scalability both with the systems used in the client’s infrastructure and on the state-of-the-art AWS cloud solutions. Dedicated software also guarantees safety of the highest quality source code created from scratch by our specialists and available only for our business partners. For the sake of their trust we additionally equip our software with the latest security systems.

.CoderAPPS - dedicated applications

We create web applications on demand and strictly adjust them to the needs of our clients. To design applications we use the latest technologies such as PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, XML, MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle.

Each projectis covered by a two-year warranty period, so you are not left alone when the project is finalized! Our programmers will respond to possible errors as quickly as possible.


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